Release History

1.0 2004/10/23
20021216 2002/12/20
20021215 2002/12/15
20020430 2002/04/30
20020412 2002/04/12
20020411 2002/04/11
20020209 2002/02/09
20020130 2002/01/30

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Release 1.0 - 2004/10/23

add A new release after a lot of time... mainly to synch the code with DbForms 2.4, Struts1.1and Tomcat 4.1.30 foxat
add The new build process is entirely managed by Maven 1.0. The layout of theproject is changed according to the Maven user guidedocument foxat
remove Removed the Antstuff previously used to build the library, execute the Cactus test suite and start the Tomcat container... foxat

Release 20021216 - 2002/12/20

fix Fixed the install documentation Thanks to Henner Kollmann. foxat
add Added this changes page foxat

Release 20021215 - 2002/12/15

add JDBC 2.0 DataListHandler implementation (see the paper by Claudio Fratarcangeli at foxat
add Added the "beanshell" ant task to use the BeanShell tool ( to test the toolkit methods foxat
fix com.pow2.struts.action.* package refactoring foxat
fix com.pow2.structures.tree package refactoring:
  • collapsed ItemNode class into the Node class
  • now BinaryTree uses the VisitorDesign pattern to "render" the tree nodes informations
  • added the NodeVisitor interface class
  • added the StringBufferNodeVisitor abstract class
add Poolman Connection pool replaced by the new ConnectionPool factory. The ConnectionPool factory provides a common interface to get pooled JDBC Connection objects using an underlying connectionProvider class.

Provided connectionProvider are:
  • ProtomatterConnectionProvider - uses the Protomatter Connection Pool library. See protomatterfor further informations.
  • JakartaConnectionProvider - uses the Jakarta commons-dbcp ConnectionPool. See commons dbcpfor further informations.
  • SimpleConnectionProvider - doesn't use connection pooling at all ;^)
add "borrow" ;^) some idea from Ted Husted's Struts catalog:
  • com.pow2.struts.forms.FormsUtil - use this utility class to transfer data between value objects and an ActionForms using Java introspection
  • com.pow2.dao.AbstractDAO - use populate() to transer data between a value object and a resultSet record using Java introspection
fix debug: com.pow2.dao.AbstractDao.finalizeConnection : better management of critical conditions (I hope...) foxat

Release 20020430 - 2002/04/30

add basic LDAP support for user authentication: an User object can be authenticated versus a relational database or an LDAP server. To use the LDAP User authentication, set the toolkit file as follow:
  • [Pow2Toolkit LDAP support ] section:

    set the set the LDAP server connection properties and the attributes mapping between the com.pow2.user.User class and the LDAP inetOrgPerson class
  • [User data provider ] section:

    set the user_data_provider key value to ldap
Note that the file provides default example values. Then rebuild the package using the ant "all" task
add Added a JUnit-Cactus testSUite for the LDAP user authentication: the directory '/var/ldap' contains the "exampleTree.ldif" LDIF file that should be used to populate your LDAP server with the data used by the test classes foxat
add added the Oracle sql script used to build and populate the toolkit database. Thanks to Dennis Carroll. foxat
fix Rearrange the order of the web.xml file elements; no more Tomcat warnings... foxat

Release 20020412 - 2002/04/12

fix Included the UserManager patch Thanks to Dennis Carroll. foxat
fix Some minor fixes foxat

Release 20020411 - 2002/04/11

fix A lot of refactoring and code cleanup foxat
add added basic Struts support:
  • action:
    • BaseAction is the base class containing a bunch of useful methods to manage common ActionForwards objects
    • DispatcherAction is a simple action that provides a standard way to dispatch requests to (static) resources and validateSession() hook method to implement your own session validation strategy
    • pow2 ActionServlet subclasses Struts's ActionServlet class and overrides processActionPerform(); the new implementation calls the validateSession() method of all the input Action classes that subclass DispatcherAction
  • actions:
    • LoginAction perform login and user validation vs the application database
    • LogoutAction simply remove any User reference from the session and redirect to the login resource
  • form:
    • loginForm can be quite useful for a login page form ;^)
add added basic DbForms support foxat
fix User management: added the UserManager class, as a facade to the User package (still a lot of work to do !) foxat

Release 20020209 - 2002/02/09

fix Build process: removed the "" file from the src/main directory (ooops!) foxat
add Postgresql sql ddl: added a primary key constraint to "app_identifier" table (see "var/db/postgresql/toolkit.db.sql") (ooops!) foxat
add com.pow2.dao.AbstractDAO: added the method closeResources() to to rollback any uncommitted transaction and to close any open JDBC resource (i.e.: resultset, statement, connection) foxat
fix bug killing, as always... foxat

Release 20020130 - 2002/01/30

add First open source release foxat
add Code clean up and refactoring foxat
add First Cactus / JUnit test classes foxat
fix better javadoc documentation [argh, still my english around... ;^) ] foxat